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By Ping Zhang, D.O.M.

Anti-Aging Therapy

By (author)  Ping Zhang, D.O.M.

Trade paperback book

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Ping Zhang wrote this book for persons wishing to follow a natural path to facial beauty.  She presents some fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine and culture in a reader-friendly style, then concentrates on specific discussions for rejuvenating the face using herbs, massage, qi gong and diet therapy to improve facial skin and tone, eyes, and...

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Comprehensive Handbook for Traditional Chinese Medicine Facial Rejuvenation

By (author)  Ping Zhang, D.O.M.

Trade paperback book

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The author has taught TCM Facial Rejuvenation seminars in the West and has formulated this book in three parts. Part 1 covers TCM comprehensive facial rejuvenation protocols, Part 2 advanced TCM facial rejuvenation protocols. In Part 3, a step-by-step protocol for TCM facial rejuvenation...

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Price: $29.95