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Published 2011-01-15

Trade paperback book

560 pages, 6.00 x 9.00"

ISBN 9780615409504

SKU: ThuWeHeaLifBud


Thus We Heard- Life of Buddha

By (author)  Walpola Piyananda
By (author)  Stephen Long

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Trade paperback book | $24.95 $12.47

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Main Description

The timeless teachings of the Buddha have inspired, guided, motivated, and provided tools for those who have sought higher spiritual attainment for millennia. But just who was this Prince who renounced the world to seek enlightenment and to eventually become the Buddha? The authors decided that the best place to find out was the Buddhist Canon itself, and a close investigation uncovered a wealth of information on the life of the Buddha. It provided the authors with many clues that illuminated exactly who and what the Buddha was — minus the speculations, fables, and tales from the early Buddhist commentaries.THUS WE HEARD: RECOLLECTIONS OF THE LIFE OF THE BUDDHA is an amalgam of three kinds of books: a fully-researched biography, a collection of important Dhamma messages, and a historical novel that “might have happened.” It features imagined conversations with nine of the enlightened arahant disciples of the Buddha and “special guests” that “may have” attended the First Sangha Council that took placeninety days after the Buddha’s Parinibbana. This book will help the reader gain a deeper appreciation for the life of the Buddha, and a greater understanding of why his teachings have been such a powerful influence on humanity for the past 26 centuries.