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Traditional Chinese Medicine (2 products)

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Integration of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

By (author)  Sensei Ikeda

Trade paperback book

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Drawing from his lifelong studies of ancient classical texts, Sensei Ikeda presents 130 classical formulas, each with concise descriptions of pathology, pulse and abdominal configuration, accompanying acupuncture therapy, and indications. Refining the ability to discriminate herbal therapy treatment patterns...

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Shang Han Lun (On Cold Damage): Translation & Commentaries

Translated by  Craig Mitchell

Hardcover book

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The Shang Han Lun has been a primary treatment theory and practice source for nearly two millenia. Its author, Zhang Zhong Jing, has been named the "Chinese Hippocrates" to highlight the depth and breadth of his contribution to traditional Chinese drug therapy.

This edition features the Chinese text, Pinyin transliteration, and an English...

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2 items found, displaying all items.