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e-Book Help

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e-Book Troubleshooting

Trying to direct load a tablet or phone reader? DON'T, see Step 5.

Step 1: Create an Adobe ID

If you already have an Adobe ID, you can skip this step. Double-check and enter it correctly, downloading with an inaccurate ID will complicate the process more than you can imagine.

Some of our e-Books use digital rights protection (DRM). You will need a valid Adobe ID to Access these books..

  1. Go to Adobe's "Get an Adobe ID" page.
  2. Complete the form. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

    Note: If you have already registered an e-reader, such as a Nook, use the same email address for your Adobe ID.

At the end of this process, you will have an Adobe ID and a password. Keep these in a safe place. Use the same Adobe ID and password on all your devices.

Step 2: Install e-Reader Software For your Desktop or Laptop

Prepare your computer for e-Book reading.

Use Adobe Digital Editions by Adobe to read our e-Books on your desktop, or laptop.

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Open the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  3. Use the Help / Authorize Computer dialog to enter your Adobe ID, exactly like as at Adobe.
  4. Adobe Digital Editions should open automatically when you open e-Books from your Redwing Library on your desktop or laptop.

Step 3: Install e-Reader App For Your Mobile Device

We recommend OverDrive for reading eBooks on mobile devices because it is stable, free of advertising and integrated with acedemic libraries. There are several e-Readers available, there is a more extensive article here e-Books at RWBC.

For iOS

For Android

Android System requirements: Android v4.0 (or newer)

Unable to download from the Google Play Store?

Step 4: Read e-Books On Your Desktop or Laptop

  1. Complete an e-Book purchase from our online store.
  2. Visit "My Library."
  3. Click the download button for the book you wish to read. This should launch Adobe Digital Editions automatically.
  4. When prompted, enter your Adobe ID from Step 1.
  5. Your e-Book will download. You can access this book easily in the future simply by by opening your Library within Adobe Digital Editions.

Step 5: Read e-Books On Your Mobile Device

  1. Whether you are using and Apple or Android device, in most cases you will need to "side-load" your e-Book because the direct download process that works with Adobe Digital Editions is attached to either the iBookstore or Google Play. Complete Step 4, load Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Once the e-Book works in ADE, find the ADE directory on your computer, locate the e-Book - it will be named like the book you purchased, and end in ".epub". The name may be abbreviated but will be obvious.
  3. Copy (do NOT cut!) the file to dropbox (some emailers will also work).
  4. When Dropbox syncs on your mobile device, the epub file will not display when you click it. Touch the action icon (arrow, right hand corner) and you will be offered the e-Readers you have installed. The one you select will load.
  5. Side-loading a general e-Reader like Overdrive or Bluefire on your tablet or phone device gives you the ability to read e-Books from many different sources. Side-loading is actually easier if you have multiple devices. Just be careful that you use the same Adobe ID in ADE for each device.

e-Book FAQ

Q. How Many Titles Are Available As e-Books?

A. We are very excited to be offering e-Books. Many of our publishers do not yet have digital versions of their products for us to sell. However, we are working with them to produce digital versions as quickly as we can.

Is there a particular title you are looking for? Send us an email and we'll let you know when we expect it to be available.

Q. Do You Have Any Digital Exclusives?

A. In addition to e-reading versions of both current and new titles from publishers you have come to trust for the best in Complementary Medicine, we are developing two new genres. These will be exclusive digital content making use of color, audio and / or video to enhance your experience and learning. These unique digital products will be priced low enough to encourage building specialized personal collections. CEU programs are one example, specialized treatment guides are another.

Because sometimes what you need are short, specific-purpose clinical and practical guides, we are also producing a variety of short-form digital products. Priced at under $5.00 these titles will allow clinicians and other busy specialists to gain tools and expertise on specific topics for a great price.

Would you like to be notified when these new products are available? Join our mailing list.

If you would like to request a topic, or submit a topic for consideration please email us: .

Q. I'm An Experienced Practitioner. Can I Publish A Specialized Treatment Guide With You?

A. Yes! We are actively considering manuscripts now. If you would like to learn more, please send us an email.

Q. What e-book formats do you provide?

A. Our e-books are primarily ePub, although we also provide digital downloads on select products in a variety of other formats such as PDF, .mov, .zip, depending on the content type.

Please note, some files are optimized for your device.

  • Downloads with a -universal suffix are intended for use on desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.
  • Downloads with a -mobile suffix have been optimized for mobile reading on your smart phone or tablet.
  • Downloads with a -desktop suffix have been optimized for use on your desktop or laptop.

Q. Can I Read Your e-Books On My Nook?

A. Yes. See the "E-Books at RWBC" article for more. e-Books at RWBC.

Q. Can I Read Your e-Books In iBooks?

A. Apple's proprietary "Fair Play" Digital Rights Management does not support e-Books purchased from our site.

However, by installing a dedicated e-reader you can easily read our books on your mobile device.

Q. Can I Read Your e-Books On My Kindle?

A. The format used by the Kindle device locks readers out of other devices. Only the newer versions of the Kindle are able to display Chinese and toned pinyin properly. We are not supporting this format.

Q. How Many Times Can I Download My e-Books?

A. There is no limit to the number of times you can download your e-books.

Your purchase includes the different formats available so that you can use your e-Book on your computer, phone, reading device, or general purpose tablet. The intention is that your purchase will be available for your use whether at home or work using a personal computer, out-and-about with your smart phone, or when using a tablet. The e-Titles in your account library are always available to you.

However, if this privilege is abused, we will restrict your access. Put simply, if we find that your account is the source for distributing an e-Book to others, we will restrict your account. If you feel your account has been unfairly restricted, call customer service ( (800) 873-3946 ) for assistance.

Q. Will My Older iPad or Smart Phone Work?

A. Yes. Any device with an installed e-Book reader is adequate for the essential reading features. However, on older/slower devices larger e-Books can be frustratingly slow when performing a search and navigating using the Index. If you experience this, please follow the instructions for reading on your desktop or laptop and download the "-desktop" version of the e-Book.

Q. Why Aren't All e-Books Radically Cheaper Since There's No Print Costs?

The idea that e-Books should be radically less expensive than print books is based on the mass market, not on academic texts. While e-Books eliminate print cost, and print costs are significant for many books, this is not the case for the texts of the publishers we work with.

Consider, for example, a direct translation of a Chinese source based on a strict translation approach. Here, the authors' time, the editorial time, technical challenges, peer review, and rights cost dwarf the print costs. Typically, the actual print cost of these titles is less that ten percent.

Or, consider a book beautifully illustrated with color diagrams and photographs. The real cost is not displaying these features, it is creating them in the first place. In sum, we are pricing our e-Books with consideration of the development and production values so that authors and editors who want to work on more complex and scholarly works can achieve reasonable compensation for their effort.