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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get the print edition copy of the Redwing Books catalog?

A. There are four options for requesting a catalog.

Use our online catalog request form.

Signup online here.

Call or fax your request

  • In the USA: (800) 873-3946
  • In Canada (888) 873-3947
  • International Requests: (575) 758-7758
  • Fax us at (575) 758-7768.

Send us email: Please remember to include your full name and complete mailing address.

Send us paper mail!

Redwing Book Company
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Q. How do I order online?

A. Ordering online is easy and safe, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Select the books you would like to order from our search page.

On the search results page, you can click the product name to see more detailed information about that product. If you would like to order this book, from the details page click the "Add to shopping cart!" button.

A Word about the Shopping Cart

Items can be removed from the shopping cart at any time, so there is no need to worry about adding items.

To remove items from your shopping cart, change item quantities, or purchase the items in your cart, go to the shopping cart page and follow the directions you find there.

Q. How does Redwing protect my charge card information?

A. Redwing is compliant with all charge card industry standards.

  • We have quarterly scans of our firewalls that test thousands of vulernabilities.
  • We do not keep charge information online
  • We do not keep unnecessary information,

Q. What payments do you accept?

A. Payment may be made in any of the following ways:

By sending check or money order in U.S. currency drawn on a U.S. bank.

By providing a Master Card / Visa number and expiration date. (Your card is charged only for books sent.) You will need to have the ÒCVVÓ number found on the back of your card handly when you order. We do not store these security numbers as a safety precaution and to comply with U.S. Charge card security laws.

By established credit agreement.

We do our best to keep everything in stock, but many books are hard-to-find imports and reprints, and it's difficult for us to predict their availability. Most customers want their books back-ordered and sent later. If you need a book by a certain time, or need to know whether it's in stock, please let us know at the time of your order.

Please note also that if the price of a book increases, we pay extra for it and must bill you the difference.

Q. What are my shipping options?

A. Click here for shipping costs and options.

Q. Where do I complain?

A. If you feel we have done our job poorly, write the boss. Her name is Martha Fielding. She reads email at

Q. What does "Ships next business day" really mean?

A. If we have enough books in stock for our customers' usual needs, we note these as "Ships next business day." However, because shipping services like U.S.P.S. or U.P.S. pick up once every day, the real shipping date is almost always the day after you order. In other words, if you order at this site (or by fax or phone) on Monday before 3:00 Mountain time, we will prepare your documents Monday night. But, the shipping company will almost never have your package until Tuesday. If you order on Friday, the shipping company you select will not have your books until Monday.

In other words, we say "Ships next business day" to remind you that the people who package the books for shipment, and the drivers who pick them up, go home at 5:00 PM local time and are off on weekends and holidays. If you order after 5:00 PM local time, on a holiday, or over a weekend, it is the same as ordering on the next business day.

Overseas and domestic services such as overnight, one and two day air, are available. However, because of the differences in time zones, our customer service, shipping and UPS pick-up hours, these services must be arranged by email or phone during our regular business hours. Please note that we cannot control or predict international fees, customs fees, charges for foreign currency and other expedited service fees that may be added by the carrier or government agencies.

Toll Free: (800) 873-3946 (USA)
Toll Free: (888) 873-3947 (Canada)
Tel: (575) 758-7758 (World Wide)

Q. What does "Call for critical shipments" mean?

A. If we have only a few copies of a title in stock, we label those titles "Call for critical shipments" to warn you that depending on the orders that might have arrived before your order, this title might be back-ordered. If you are placing an order that must arrive on or before a certain date, or if you must have a certain quantity, for example, for a seminar or college course, please call. We are trying to keep all of these books in stock but we do not always succeed. We update stocking status notes regularly and are setting the criteria for those labels relative to current sales.

Q. What is a back-order?

A. Unless you tell us otherwise, we "back-order" any title for which we do not have stock when we receive your order. We ship your book when we receive more copies. If the book price changes by any significant amount during a back-order, or if the delay has been unusually long, we will contact you before filling your back-order. However, most back-orders are fulfilled in ten days to two weeks and are shipped as soon as we receive stock. Many of the books we offer are manufactured in Europe or Asia. These can take longer to receive because sea freight is often the only reasonable means of transportation. You are welcome to inquire about your back-orders at any time by phone, fax or email. Books that are re-printing, new and not yet received, or that are subject to unusual delays are noted as such in the search displays.

Q. Why do some reprints take so long?

A. Although it does take only one to three months to physically manufacture a book, depending on size and binding, there are several reasons reprintings can take much longer. First, publishers must pay for a reprinting very quickly, usually within 30 days. However, a printing of possibly several thousands books will take much longer to sell. Thus, reprints are among the most expensive moments in books' life cycles. Some publishers choose to let back-orders accumulate for a time to shorten the period until the reprint costs will be recovered. In other cases, reprints are the ideal time for revisions and other editorial alterations. These take time to complete. Finally, in today's book market "back list" (books that are no longer new) are increasingly disadvantaged. Thus publishers need time to determine whether to keep a book in print.

Q. Why do the prices of some books keep changing?

A. Many of the books we carry are purchased in currencies other than the U.S. dollar, for example, the Australian and Hong Kong dollars. The relationship between the dollar and these currencies is not stable. When we buy books in foreign currencies we convert the book price to U.S. dollars at the rate we have paid. Thus, prices fluctuate with the international currency market. Routine price increases by publishers are less frequent and tend to follow reprintings for which the manufacturing cost has increased.

Q. Your invoices have a variety of codes, what do they mean?

A. Our codes are described below.

  • "IN" means that the book was in stock and shipped. If it is not in the box, something may be wrong. However, some books and charts are shipped in different packages (for example, rolled charts) to increase the chance of safe arrival. Sometimes these arrive on different days even when shipped on the same day. Theoretically, this should not happen; however, it does. We have heard from customers, but cannot confirm, that deliveries to some areas less are less frequent than once per day. Thus, if your shipment is split during shipping, it is possible that boxes will arrive more than one day apart.
  • "tos" (lower case) means that our supply has been exhausted and we are waiting for more copies.
  • "TOS" (capitalized) means the publisher has run out of copies. TOS usually means a longer delay.
  • "NYP" means this is a new title that has not yet be printed (being physically produced).
  • "RPT" means this title, although not new, is reprinting (being physically produced).
  • "DC" means that this title has been discontinued. Books may be discontinued because they are out-of-print (the copyright holder has decided to produce no more copies). Books may also be discontinued because we cannot obtain copies, our customers were uninterested, or shipping became impractical. If a particular book doesn't arrive with the shipment, please check the packing list: the book title should appear with a code telling why it wasn't sent. For example, "TOS" means the book is "temporarily out of stock," and should be sent in a few weeks; "RPT" means that the books is being "reprinted," and there may be a longer wait, perhaps with a price increase.

Q. My books arrived damaged, what should I do?

A. If you receive an item damaged by the carrier, save the box and the packing material, and notify both us and the carrier immediately. When choosing a carrier, please keep the eventuality of transit damage in mind. A cheap but uninsurable shipping method is no bargain if your books arrive in tatters. In almost all cases you will need to keep the packing materials, do not throw them away until you are certain. See Returns Policy for further information.

Q. Where are my books? How long is too long to wait?

A. Loss in transit is not common but it does happen. In the U.S. estimates suggest that one in every one hundred packages is lost in shipment. Most of the books we send go by domestic U.P.S. ground service. These shipments are not considered lost until "three business days plus the zone number" have passed. We ship from the Southwest. Thus, if you live in California (Zone 2), your shipment will not be considered lost until five business days (Monday through Friday excluding holidays) have passed. If you live in Boston (Zone 8), your shipment is not considered lost until eleven days have passed. Generally, your books will arrive faster than the guarantee, for example, in the number of days of your zone number. However, during busy seasons such as Christmas, there can be delays. We can trace U.P.S. packages for you. If you have provided your email address, you will receive a shipping notice and tracking information directly from UPS. Shipments by post office and other services, particularly those that go overseas, are often very difficult to estimate. For example, seamail service might take three months one time and two months the next because the vessel stopped in different ports.

Q. How do I change my address?

A. You can let us know when you order; however, to be sure that you receive your catalogs please call or email when any of your name and address data changes.

Q. How do I suggest a book for your catalog?

A. If you have found a book you think your colleagues, students or customers would appreciate, please email the title, author and the publisher information to You may also write or call at your convenience. We will research your suggestion carefully; however, we cannot carry every book suggested. Some publishers do not support "distribution" or "catalog sales" (the trade terms for what we do) thus we could not offer the book at its published price. If you are the author or publisher of a work you would like us to carry, please send a copy to Redwing Book Company, 202 Bendix Drive, Taos, NM 87571. Please include a note detailing your trade terms and expectations.

Q. I would like to comment on a book, what can I do?

A. Visit the section for Publishers and Authors. There are instructions there for how to submit a review that we will publish in our on-line catalog.

Q. How do I get copies of your catalog for my students?

A. If you need catalogs for classes or any group, we are happy to oblige. Write, call, or email your request to . There are sometimes delays in shipping catalogs because we are in the process of producing a new one. Otherwise, catalog requests are fulfilled regularly.

Q. How can I obtain a copy of your mailing list?

A. You cannot. When we first started mailing catalogs in 1973, we promised not to sell our list because there were very real social and legal problems for those who practiced forms of complementary medicine. Although circumstances have changed for the better, we have retained this policy because maintaining a commercially available mailing list is not a responsibility we are interested to undertake. Furthermore, we have the membership lists of every associations that takes advantage of our association membership discount. By not selling our list we insure that we do not dilute the commercial value of those lists (many professional associations use member list sales, or sales to members to fund organization expenses).

We do participate in group mailings with carefully-selected concerns, although rarely. Since this use of your names can be controlled, and you can decide whether or not to respond, you will learn of other services and products without losing control of your personal information. For example, we might consider participating in a mailing to let you know about a new professional journal, however, the list would not be sold.

Q. How do I obtain permission to copy selections from a book for class or seminar hand-outs or to use book images and descriptions from your site in our own publications?

A. You must contact the copyright owner. The copyright owner is listed on the copyright page of most books. In general, you should contact the publisher. Publisher addresses can be found in Volume Four of Books In Print, which is available at most libraries. However, if a copyright owner is not listed in a book, this is not a guarantee that the material may be freely used. We use cover images, reviews, and samples through the permission implicit in booksellers' trade arrangements. However, that permission is not ours to give to you. You must contact the copyright owner.

Q. What is your membership discount policy and how does my group receive one?

A. There are many professional associations and other organizations that are worthy of support. We cannot give cash grants to them all. Therefore, our policy is to provide a benefit directly to book-buyers, rather than selected associations. This makes all professional associations equal as regards our policy, relieves us of the burden of choosing which associations deserve support, and is inherently weighted in favor of new and academic associations that do not use their membership as a revenue source. It is also an indirect benefit to authors and publishers by directly encouraging regular book buyers.

When a bonafide professional association provide us with a current membership list, keeping member names and addresses updated at least annually, we give those members a five percent (5%) discount on their books, exclusive of special orders, sale items, shipping and special service fees. When someone requests the discount, we check the appropriate list which is the final authority. It is up to your association to be sure your name is included, we cannot decide who is and who is not a legitimate member. We reserve the right to mail notices to these member names and addresses; however, we have thus far never done so. Everyone who orders from us becomes part of our customer list and will receive catalogs and other notices unless they request otherwise.

Q. Why can't I reach you toll free from Canada?

A. We've heard from some of our Canadian customers that they cannot call on our toll-free line [(888) 873-3947]. Our apology; we are talking to the phone company to investigate the problem, but we need more information. If you are calling from Canada and cannot get through, it could be because of the limitations of certain regional lines. Call AT&T's "Test Number" [(888) 250-0501] to know whether a toll-free call is possible from your area. If you make a note the original error-message you heard when calling our Toll-Free-for-Canada line, and pass this information along to us, we can try to find a solution. We are sorry for any inconvenience.