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International Orders

International orders often benefit from the “Proforma Invoice” process we offer. Any account may request a proforma order but international orders with their higher shipping costs and customs concerns typically benefit the most from the proforma process. There are two types of proforma invoice. The first, which we call a “proforma estimated invoice” is typically the first step in organizing a complex order. It shows every item at the current price, regardless of the stock status of the items. In essence, it is a buying budget. The second type, which we call a “proforma committed invoice” shows your order as if it were shipping right now. Current prices, stock status, and estimated shipping values are show. The stock you have ordered is committed for you; we hold it for you exclusively for ten days. During that period we will assist you as we can in obtaining shipping estimates. When you are satisfied with the order, it is shipped as it is shown on the final proforma invoice.

Please note that customs charges are unpredictable and we cannot control whether or not your order will be stopped and inspected, charged a fee, or require a broker. We will label the order in anyway that you expect will expedite customs, reduce or eliminate fees. We will consign your order to a freight company or consolidator at your request. In these cases, we charge for only the domestic US service you select for transportation of your order from our warehouse to the shipper you have chosen.