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Trade paperback book

ISBN 9781936796021

SKU: AcuCatGuiFel


With bibliography
With glossary


A Guide to Feline Acupressure 2nd Edition

By (author)  Nancy Zidonis
By (author)  Amy Snow

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Trade paperback book | $30.95

This book is designed and written to make acupressure accessible to people who want to use it to convey their caring intention to their cats and to relieve their pets of discomforts associated with a variety of disease conditions. The text gives an uncomplicated presentation of traditional Chinese medicine, describes the feline meridian or channel system and feline acupressure points, gives a general treatment pattern for cats, and covers acupressure treatments for 32 specific conditions.

100% New! Detailed charts, photos, 2 acupressure session protocols, full discussion of essential TCM theories and concepts. Acu-Cat gives you 30+ Common Feline Specific Conditions Session Charts, providing you access to potent acupressure sessions. The best feline acupressure book ever!