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Published 2002-01-01

Trade paperback book

765 pages

ISBN 9780910261265

SKU: ChiHerHanEhl


With index
With bibliography
With appendix

The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook: 3rd Revised Edition

A Practitioner's Reference Guide to Traditional Chinese Herbs and Formulas

By (author)  Dagmar Ehling

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Trade paperback book | $37.95

The Chinese Herbalist’s Handbook is a new tool for prescribing and modifying herbal formulas. This book makes the practice of herbs easily accessible to Chinese medical practitioners and students. For practitioners who rely upon patient’s unique needs, this book demystifies the process, with instructions and exhaustive cross-referencing and indexing.

Herbal Prescriptions According to Syndrome Differentiation. Over 500 formulas organized for easy clinical reference after a diagnosis has been established. Formulas are arranged according to all Zang Fu syndromes, the four stages, the six divisions, and selected internal medicine disorders. Each formula is detailed with Pinyin, English, and commercial extract formula names, ingredients, dosages, indications and contraindications, and special preparation methods. All major formulas are highlighted.

Clinical Quick Reference to Single Herbs. Over 400 individual herbs from traditional categories organized into clinically relevant subcategories. Helps guide the practitioner in modifying formulas for individual patient’s needs.

Table of Herbal Preparation Methods. Over 400 individual herbs listed in chart form, enabling the practitioner to easily see important preparation considerations, including cooking needs, combining cautions, internal vs. external use, special forms available, toxicity, contraindications, and unusual requirements.

Herb Name Cross-Reference. Over 400 individual herbs cross-referenced alphabetically four ways, by Pinyin, botanical, pharmaceutical, and common names for easy use by practitioners trained according to varied naming conventions. 

Praise for The Chinese Herbalist's Handbook: 3rd Revised Edition


“There’s a place on my shelf for The Chinese Herbalist’s Handbook, but that spot is gathering dust. This reference is outon my table, is used with every patient, provides me with formulas and supports my thinking in a way that no other reference can. For every time I go back to other resources, I’ve used the CHH 50 times…”

-Kenneth Fielding Morehead, BM, MM, MSOM, DOM, DAONB


“Dagmar Ehling’s Chinese Herbalist’s Handbook has proven itself to be the preeminent resource for the busy clinician, the pressured student, and the working teachers in the world of TCM. The formulas are easily found and succinctly presented. When one knows the zang-fu differentiation, numerous formulas are quickly overviewed, so that the educated user can choose quickly. A thoroughly valuable book, and a must have for every practitioner and student.”

-Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, Author, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines, The Clinical Desk Reference.