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Published 2008

Trade paperback book

202 pages, 6.00 x 9.00"

ISBN 9780912111773

SKU: ChiMedChaFouExa


With index
With bibliography
With appendix
Illustrations: Signficant

Chinese Medical Characters 4: Four Examinations Vocabulary

By (author)  Nigel Wiseman
By (author)  Yu Huan Zhang

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Trade paperback book | $19.95
Paradigm Publications has developed its Chinese Medical Characters series in recognition of the crucial need to facilitate access to Chinese medical texts.  This fourth text in the series, subtitled Diagnostic Vocabulary, provides an in-depth look at the most commonly used characters in the field of diagnosis and pattern identification.  Readers will gain familiarity with the script, strokes, meaning, usage and pronunciation of the most common characters that comprise diagnostic terms.  Often these terms provide additional insights that help identify an illness pattern.  The relative frequency of these characters in medical Chinese makes this text a must for any student or practitioner to expand their knowledge of Chinese language and medicinal therapy.