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Published 2000-01-01

Hardcover book

1086 pages

ISBN 1-885246-08-0

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Illustrations: Signficant

*Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy:A Comprehensive Clinical Tex

By (author)  Jerry Alan Johnson

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Hardcover book | $135.00
The author wrote this book to provide information concerning the professional standards of knowledge and skill required in contemporary China to obtain a license as "Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy," and additionally to describe effective diagnostic and therapeutic methods of Medical Qigong therapy, as established by the Hai Dian Medical Qigong College of Beijing, and thereby provide a textbook for training to that standard under the guidance of a qualified instructor. As such, there has never been as thorough an explication of medical qigong as is offered in this book. It joins with other current commendable efforts aimed at bringing the traditional medical knowledge of China into the sphere of English-speaking readers.

The book is divided into 12 sections. The first four focus on building a comprehensive foundation in energetic medicine. The second four focus on guidelines for establishing a Medical Qigong clinic and for diagnosing and treating problems of qi deviations. The final four sections focus on treatment modalities, medical qigong prescriptions, regulation exercises, and scientific research in Medical Qigong clinical therapy. The text includes discussions of energetic embryology; energetic anatomy and physiology; training techniques for recognizing, developing, and emitting qi; energetic pathology and qi deviations; energetic diagnosis and symptomatology; clinical practice of Medical Qigong theory; energetic psychology; treating cancer; tumors and other diseases; step-by-step Medical Qigong prescriptions; establishing a clinic; and scientific evidence of the efficacy of Medical Qigong therapy. Many charts, graphs, and illustrations complement the verbal material.

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