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355 pages

ISBN 9780912111438

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Clinical Handbook of Chinese Prepared Medicines

By (author)  Chun-Han Zhu

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"Chun-Han Zhu has provided us with a much-needed key to the secrets of the herb excellent clinical handbook which is well presented in both content and layout." - Australian Journal of Acupuncture

"The book is divided in two parts. Part I explores the modern approach to the use of prepared Chinese formulas with brief introductions to their history, manufacture, and quality control. Part II, the main text, details the source, use, form, and administration of Chinese prepared medicines...a detailed and useful reference." - Foster's Botanical & Herb Reviews

"This is the most authoritative of the books listed [in a listing of titles on Chinese patent medicines] - the author is thoroughly familiar with the subject from personal experience as a practitioner and teacher...a high-quality book." -- Medical Herbalism

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Main Description

This work is a presentation of TCM prepared (patent) medicines by an experienced Chinese practitioner who has significant experience training American students and treating American patients. Each formula is identified by Chinese, Pinyin and a generic English name. Ingredient names are presented in Pinyin and as pharmaceutical names that can be easily found in reliable sources. Medicines which are routinely self-prescribed by Chinese laypersons are identified, as are the medicines of choice for particular conditions. The indications lists are exact and contraindications are highlighted.

Formulas are noted not only as applicable for a general pattern, but also for specific disharmonies and treatment strategies within that general category. The guiding symptoms are clear, precise, and easily referenced in professional texts. Significant differentiations are clearly noted, as are varieties and variations of the formula. Of particular practical value is the select pediatric formulary and a large chart differentiating supplementing formulas. Symptoms are differentiated from diagnoses in a regular and reliable manner. This text is certain to have long term utility as a reliable reference work.

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 Clinical Handbook of Chinese Prepared Formulas is available as a google ebook, click here.

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