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Trade paperback book

8.50 x 11.00"

ISBN 9780967063720

SKU: EsoAcuSan2


Esoteric Acupuncture Volume II: Discern the Whisper: Currently being revised

By (author)  Mikio Sankey

Availability: This title is currently reprinting, call for updated information.

Trade paperback book | $24.95
For those seeking knowledge of the healing sciences, a light by which to walk with discernment and supernal understanding, and a guidebook for understanding multiple fields of energy medicine, Mikio Sankey's 4-voume series on Esoteric Acupuncture will educate and inspire. The author conjoins ancient (esoteric) practices with cutting-edge protocols in the field of New Encoding Patterns, which "unlock the frequencies" in the body as well as illuminate the spiritual poles.

Contents of Volume One, "Gateway to Expanded Healing," include Defining the Parameters of Esoteric Acupuncture; Installation, Activation, and Actualization; the Spin Points; Qi Flow; the Different Body System; the Chakras; Sacret Geometry and Acupuncture; the Quabbalistic Tree of Life; the Clinical Use of Esoteric Acupuncture; Antahkarana; and the easty to understand protocol to the New Encoding Patterns.

Volume Two, "Discern the Whisper," continues the work on the expansion of the higher frequency realms but also has a slightly different focus on the treatment of imbalances than does Volume One. Volume Two contains New Encoding Patterns that are a continuation of those presented in Volume One, but with a specific focus on Healing the Heart and Raising the Consciousness.

Volume Three, "Climbing Jacob's Ladder," is a workbook that contains patterns from Volumes One and Two as well as new patterns and an entire section of Acupuncture Yantras which will "bring the present world of acupuncture to a a whole new level and dimension."

Volume Four, Sea of Fire--Cosmic Fire, further expands the material presented in the earlier volumes. It also contains an in-depth discussion on How to Connect your Higher Twin Flame Within, the Seven Brain Centers and ther Connection to the Seven Major Chakras, and the Buildiing of the Complete Antahkarana: How to Bridge the Gap from Muladhara (Root Chakra) to Sahasrara (Crown Chakra).

Volume Five, Support the Mountain, is written as a tool for those who have made a conscious choice to take charge of their daily lives in all issues, and for those who seek to make that same commitment. It explores the interconnectedness of foods and consciousness, emphasizing the energetic dynamic that affects and shapes individual consciousness. Chapters cover vignettes of pioneering great minds in biomedical science (including Royal Rife, Antoine Bechamp, and Gaston Nassens), discussions integrating raw foods and naturopathy with Chinese medical theory and Five Element theory, common abnormal conditions from enzyme deficiencies, and discussions of the functions, energetics, and deficiency issues of foods and nutrients, explicated both from an exoteric and esoteric perspective. Addendums provide further perspectives on the esoteric understanding of �Support the Mountain,� and on naturopathic tools for addressing minor imbalances by natural methods.

In the right hands, and with the right intention, Sankey�s books are immensely powerful and transformative for both practitioner and client. The diagrams throughout these volumes are exceptional, as is the extraordinary practical and visionary output of his writings.