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Trade paperback book

169 pages

ISBN 9780912111049

SKU: EssMovTaiChi


Easy to follow instructions and diagrams

Essential Movements of T'ai Chi

By (author)  John Kotsias

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Trade paperback book | $16.95

Main Description

Clear, step-by-step, carefully illustrated instructions present the basic body movement skills that are at the root of all qi gong and t'ai chi forms. Weight distribution, concentration, and visualization are extensively considered, providing an extraordinary level of detail. The forms depicted include Holding the Ball, Bending from the Waist, Riding a T'ai Chi Horse, the Springy Step, Carry Tiger Back to Mountain, the Rooting Exercise, and the Ascending Dragon. The author includes evocative stories of his encounters with tai chi masters and a synopsis of the nine secret messages. Kotsias's style is deft and concise, his message sincere and gut-level. As a preparation for study with a teacher, a guide to practice, or simply as a system of exercise to practice by oneself, this text admirably serves the student's needs.