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Published 2001-01-01

Trade paperback book

464 pages

ISBN 9780912111643

SKU: IntEngTerChiMed


With index
With bibliography
With footnotes
With glossary
With appendix
Self-test questions with each chapter.

Introduction to English Terminology of Chinese Medicine

By (author)  Nigel Wiseman
By (author)  Ye Feng

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Trade paperback book | $39.95

Main Description

This important text provides an accurate presentation of over 1000 Chinese medicine concepts in an English terminiology that closely matches the Chinese. It is the ideal text for students who are beginning to learn Chinese medicine and who have established a working knowledge of the Chinese language, as well as for those who wish to master the English terminology for the purposes of clinical application or translation. Because it renders the traditional Chinese medical concepts accurately, without using Western medical terms that reflect the Western medical understanding and obscure the Chinese medical understanding, it is highly useful for English-speaking students who want to establish a clear understanding of the original concepts of Chinese medicine.

Knowledge of medical Chinese is inestimably valuable for understanding Chinese medicine with clarity and precision. While a good deal of work is required from students to attain perfect comprehension of medical Chinese, each step along the way has its own rewards. This text is part of a growing body of translated literature that reflects terminiology which will support students' efforts to learn Chinese, and thereby enable students, practitioners, and researchers to refine their knowledge and contribute to the westward transmission of Chinese medicine.