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Published 2007-01-01

Hardcover book

6.50 x 9.00"

ISBN 9787117085960

SKU: MirHeaTonDiaChi


Illustrations: Not viewed

Mirror of Health:Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

By (author)  Fei Zhao-fu
By (author)  Gu Yi-Di

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Hardcover book | $39.95
One of the main diagnostic instruments in the hand of the practitioner of Chinese medicine is tongue diagnosis. The tongue is like a mirror, reflecting the microcosm that is our body, and the knowledgeable practitioner can choose successful treatment strategies by looking at the patient's tongue.

The first section of the text contains clear color photographs to illustrate 34 tongue conditions, in conjunction with a detailed description of diagnosis and treatment and patient guidelines for lifestyle approaches to improve health. The subsequent section is a collection of patient case studies, accompanied by dramatically different 'before' and 'after' photographs. The appendices are a wealth of material, and include comparative graphs of syndromes, tongue signs, and the medicinals which are indicated as well as those contraindicated for such conditions, as well as a reference sheet of formula ingredients.

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