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Trade paperback book

223 pages

ISBN 9780912111414

SKU: QinBowAnt


With index
With bibliography
Includes treatments by Chinese herbs.

Qin Bowei Anthology

By (author)  Charles Chace
By (author)  Ting Liang Zhang

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Trade paperback book | $59.95
Qin Bowei [1901 to 1970] was one of the most respected physicians of twentieth-century China. He was an outspoken advocate for Chinese traditional medicine when it was suppressed in the 1930's; a Minister of Health for the People's Republic; a teacher whose students are renowned. His logic and clinical protocols are still at the core of traditional medicine as it is taught in China today. He was one of China's post-revolutionary heroes, a man whose contributions to medicine were a social accomplishment of lasting force, and an author of rare skill whose discussions of Chinese medicine, case histories, and theoretical expositions are notable for detail, precision and clinical practicality.

The topics covered in this anthology include liver disorders and measures for treating fever, cough, and swelling. These are presented at a level of detail rarely found in a Western language. His discussions of ming men and supplementation reveal the logic of TCM with unprecedented depth. Each of his theses is complete with clinical examples, cases, and the application details for the treatment protocols recommended.

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