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Published 2011-01-01


443 pages

ISBN 0-912111-49-6

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Terrains and Pathology in Acupuncture -eBook

By (author)  Yves Requena

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Using his considerable skill as an acupuncturist, phytotherapist, and Western physician, Requena explains acupuncture pathologies in detail, giving a comprehensive and notable description of clinically justified TCM therapeutics. He uses a singularly effective approach to develop descriptions of terrains, or constitutional types, composites of the energetic qualities of the six unit meridians and five phase
energetics, treating each as a description of an energetic anatomy that relates to both psychological and biophysical data, and drawing extensively on source quotations from the Su Wen, Ling Shu, and other classical texts for corroboration. In addition, Requena offers an extremely large selection of physical signs and symptoms, including exact Western diagnoses, by which both Eastern and Western practitioners may objectively confirm his observations.

Requena’s method is unique because it provides objective clinical signs to help acupuncturists reliably recognize psychological traits. In establishing a foundation for constitutional diagnosis and presenting the techniques of a truly preventive medicine, Requena has achieved a practical, explicit concept of disease incidence that makes diagnosis and treatment with acupuncture more easily accomplished.

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Terrains and Pathology is now available as a Google E-BookIt is a scanned version of the original text.


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