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Published 2013-01-01

Trade paperback book

414 pages, 8.00 x 10.00"

ISBN 9780989326001

SKU: 7TimWomAncWis


With index
With appendix
Illustrations: Some

7 Times a Woman

Ancient Wisdom on Health & Beauty for Every Stage of Your Life

By (author)  Lia Andrews

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Trade paperback book | $29.60

7 Times a Women: Ancient Wisdom on Health and Beauty for Every Stage of Your Life, is the product of a 20 year personal and clinical journey in understanding and balancing women's cycles. It began with Dr. Andrews personal health challenges which led her to become an acupuncturist and open her own clinic where she has helped many women heal from hormonal imbalance. 7 Times a Women uncovers the 7 Cycles in a woman's life according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It takes the lines from the Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic, an ancient Daoist text, and translates them into modern practices you can use to transform the state of your health. It is both practitioner manual and self-help book.


7 Times a Women will show you how to:


  • Eat and live according to daily, monthly, seasonal, and 7 year cycles to optimize health

  • Relieve cramps, PMS, and other menstruate symptoms naturally

  • Improve your health after childbirth with the time-tested Postpartum Recovery Program

  • Use techniques to boost your reproductive health, sensuality, and spiritual connection

  • Increase your children's immunity and set them on course for life-long good health

  • Use herbs and rituals to keep yourself looking and feeling young and vibrant

  • Detoxify your body safely and effectively

  • Regulate digestion and feel better

  • Relieve and prevent common menopausal maladies like dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, & mood swings

  • Cultivate vibrant health in older age

  • And much more..

About the Author:

Dr. Lia G. Andrews, DAOM, Lac, was born in Norwalk, Connecticut. She attended Bryn Mawr College and the College of William and Mary, where she received her BA in International Studies. She received her Masters in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (MATCM) from Yo San University. Dr. Andrews received her doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She is licensed nationally and in the state of California. She practices in the clinic she founded with her mother, Cinnabar Acupuncture Clinic & Spa in San Diego, California.  

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