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Trade paperback book

ISBN 9781848192034

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Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit

By (author)  Peter Mole

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Trade paperback book | $9.47

Revealing everything you need to know before stepping into the acupuncture clinic, Peter Mole explains:

  • how acupuncture goes beyond quick cures and is used as preventative medicine.
  • the origins and theory behind Chinese medicine and acupuncture
  • the difference between diagnosis in acupuncture and Western medicine
  • what to expect in the treatment room and how acupuncture will help you.

Whether you are an acupuncture patient, prospective patient, prospective student or have simply heard about acupuncture and want to know more, this book has the answers to all of your most frequently asked questions.

About the Author:

Peter Mole is one of the UK’s leading practitioners of acupuncture and is the Dean of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading. He graduated from the College of Traditional Acupuncture in 1978 and currently practices at the Oxford Natural Health Centre. Peter has lectured extensively in Europe, Israel and the US and was a founding council member of the British Acupuncture Council. 

Praise for Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit


“With its clear structure and accessible language, this is an ideal introduction for anyone planning to have acupuncture. I would readily recommend it to any of my patients considering acupuncture treatment to inspire confidence and to dispel any misconceptions about this profound system of medicine.”

-Dr. Clare Stephenson, General practitioner, Oxford, UK and author of The Complementary Therapist’s Guide to Clinical Medicine


“For students and anyone considering treatment or undergoing acupuncture, this book is a must-read.”

-John Hicks, PhD, Joint Principle and Co-Founder of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading, UK.