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Published 2011

Digital Video Data

480 pages

SKU: AdvCliGuaFacDVD



Advanced Clinical GuaSha for Facial Rejuvenation DVD

By (author)  Ping Zhang

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Digital Video Data | $115.00

This 3-DVD set begins with a thorough discussion of stroke technique, demonstration, and presentation of refined techniques for the skin and areas around the eyes, cheeks, forehead, brow, chin, nose, ears, lips, neck, etc.  Further discussion details methods of pattern diagnosis, root treatment, and the benefit of using of herbal tinctures in facial gua sha. A live demonstration includes detailed discussions of facial gua sha techniques to promote skin rejuvenation from the inside out for wrinkles, sagging, age spots, facial puffiness, eye bags and circles. Gua sha techniques for facial reflex points along the ren, stomach, and spleen channels on the front, and jia-ji and bladder points on the back are also demonstrated. 

Each of the DVDs in this series goes into considerable detail concerning theory, technique, and treatment principles using a live clinical demonstration of the specific methods available for facial rejuvenation. For example, cupping helps break up stagnation and release toxins by promoting qi flow and lymph drainage and expelling toxins, and thereby enhancing nutrient supply to the facial area. Gua sha techniques to promote skin rejuvenation from the inside out. Herbal infusion creams and tinctures deliver nutrients and healing essences of the herbs to the skin. By. warming and stimulating the aging regions of the face, moxa therapy is particularly appropriate for weakened and depleted patients, and can strengthen the body's immune system, lift and firm the facial skin, reduce swelling and puffiness, and diminish lines and wrinkles, spots, blemishes, circles, and eye bags. Once you are familiar and comfortable with the information provided, each presentation will allow you success in using these techniques in clinical practice. Certificate of completion is sent once answers to the 10 test questions at the end of the presentation are returned to Dr. Zhang's office.  Please note that production quality is moderate.  (Run time 8 hours. Qualifies for 8 NCCAOM, CA, FL, TX CEUs.)