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Trade paperback book

502 pages

ISBN 9780609801055

SKU: AsiHeaSecHad


Asian Health Secrets

The Complete Guide to Asian Herbal Medicine, How to Balance Your Energy, Boost Your Immune System, Prevent and Treat Diseases and Common Maladies by Using the Powerful Diagnostic Techniques and Herbal Remedies of Asian Medicine

By (author)  Letha Hadady

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Trade paperback book | $19.95

A complete introduction to herbal medicine for the novice and an authoritative reference for the expert. Asian Health Secrets offers practical advice on how to use a variety of herbs, teas, extracts and pills safe and inexpensive alternatives or complements to Western treatments. In this informative guide to herbal medicine, Letha Hadady, D.Ac., presents simple yet thorough diagnostic methods that will allow readers to evaluate their well-being to prevent illness, boost immune strength, and promote health. Through case studies and step-by-step instructions Hadady reveals ancient cures for a variety of ailments that were for centuries, known only to Eastern healers.

Among the remedies covered in this extensive volume are:

  • Delicious teas that reduce fat and cholesterol
  • Kitchen spices that relieve colds, asthma, and headaches
  • Natural remedies for PMS
  • Help for fertility problems and menopause without synthetic hormones
  • Individualized remedies for sexual dysfunction, fatigue, and insomnia
  • Herbs to improve memory, concentration, and performance
  • Natural antidepressant medicines

About the author:

Latha Hedady, D.Ac., called “the best-known blonde in Chinatown” is an herbalist and nationally certified acupuncturist. A graduate of the University of Paris and the Tri-State Institute for Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, she has worked with doctors and practitioners of traditional Asian medicine in the United States and the Far East. She lives in New York City and Vermont. 

Praise for Asian Health Secrets


“I’ve read a lot of books on alternative medicine through the years and I thought that I knew something about the subject. But when I read Asian Health Secrets I learned something new on every page.”

-Bill Thompson, Associated Press News


“A monumental job – this book makes it easy for the layman to learn more about himself and how to look at another culture’s viewpoint. [Letha Hadady] has a lot of knowledge that should be shared with others. It is with real pleasure that I recommend this book.”

-Bernard Jensen, M.D., Author of Foods That Heal


“This book will help us move into the twenty first century. It is thoughtful, responsible, and charming. Highly recommended.”

-Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Center for Holistic Medicine


“One of the nation’s experts on Chinese remedies … specializes in introducing people to the closed work of Chinese medicine … Her goal is a ‘quiet lady-like revolution’ bringing herbal remedies from the Far East and other spots around the world into everyday use in American homes.”

-San Francisco Examiner

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