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Trade paperback book

ISBN 9781848193345

SKU: AwaSomIntUnd


Awakening Somatic Intelligence: Understanding

By (author)  Graeme Lynn

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Trade paperback book | $19.95

Every individual has characteristic patterns of movement that without conscious counteractions, tend to be repeated endlessly through the course of a lifetime and can lead to physical degeneration and chronic pain. Somatic learning, most especially in the forms of the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method and Hatha yoga, provides that counteraction. Through practice of these methods a person can become more sensitive to the quality of his or her movement and more integrated in their coordination.

In this original work, the essence and benefits of these somatic methods are described along with detailed instructions for practice in a selection of movements and poses. This informed guide provides the foundation for understanding movement and how to apply it in practice in order to improve physical health and mental well-being.


"I have known Graeme Lynn for over 35 years and his lifetime's study of somatic methodology shines through in this volume, Awakening Somatic Intelligence.  Graeme has brought together three unique streams of thought and practice in an exemplary fashion. A treasure chest for teh neophyte but equally valuable to the experienced practitioner. An important book to include in one's journey toward conscious awareness."

--Marta Hunter, Senior Alexander Technique Teacher and Trainer, Vancouver, BC