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Trade paperback book

ISBN 9780940985889

SKU: AyuAstFra


Ayurvedic Astrology

By (author)  David Frawley

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Trade paperback book | $19.95
This work presents the main astrological factors behind health, both physical and mental, according to the Vedic vision of the unity of the human being and the cosmos. It emphasizes the special typologies of both Vedic systems -- Vedic medicine, or ayurveda, and vedic astrology -- combining the doshic (mind-body) constitutions of Ayurveda with the plantetary types of Vedic astrology. This correlation shows how psychophysical and planetary forces reflect one another in our makeup and in our expression, including potential disease manifestations.

In addition to this prognostic side, the book presents the corresponding Vedic treatment measures for promoting healing and for improving awareness. It shows how Ayurvedic therapies, like diet, herbs, and aromas, can be used to help balance planetary influences; and includes an excellent section on gem therapy that describes how gems can be understood and utilized to help improve overall health and wellbeing. The book also brings in yogic methods, especially the use of ritual, mantra, and meditation, describing how to propitiate the dieties or cosmic forces working through the planets.

While the first two sections of the book are oriented towards the general reader, the third section contains about 30 sample charts for those interested in a more advanced application of astrological principles. This section is more technical but can be appreciated even by a beginner in Vedic astrology.