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Published 2003

Hardcover book

1226 pages, 7.75 x 11.00"

ISBN 9780974063508

SKU: ChiMedHerPha


With index
With bibliography
With footnotes
With glossary
With appendix
Includes herb-drug interactions

Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology

By (author)  John Chen
By (author)  Tina Chen

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Hardcover book | $89.95
About the Authors and Contributors

John K. Chen, PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc
Dr. John Chen actively participates in education, research and the frontiers of contemporary application of herbal medicine.  In addition to developing professional continuing education seminars and serving as a senior lecturer through the widely-respected Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Chen speaks at seminars and conferences for universities and local, state, national and international educational and professional organizations.  A professor at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy, Dr. Chen is also a member of the Herbal Medicine Committee for the American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM) and an herbal consultant for the California State Oriental Medicine Association (CSOMA).  A recognized authority on Chinese herbal medicine and western (allopathic) pharmacology, Dr. Chen has written extensively on Oriental medicine and alternative complementary/integrative medicine for professional publications, journals and texts, drawing on his wealth of specialty post-graduate training and experience in mainland China in herbology as applied in internal medicine, and on his doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy and South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine.  An editorial board member for the peer-reviewed journal of the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture (AAMA), Medical Acupuncture, John Chen was also a board member of the 1999 Los Angeles Times Festival Honorary Committee and speaker on Herbal Medicine for the City of Los Angeles First Annual Festival of Health.  Appearing in the Discovery Channel 1999 six-hour documentary on alternative and complementary medicine, Dr. Chen served as the expert resource on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  He also was guest speaker on herb-drug interactions in 1998 for the annual USC Bergen Brunswig convention, during which he addressed over 400 pharmacists and medical doctors.  Dr. Chen maintains his consulting practice in Southern California.

Tina T. Chen, MS, LAc
Tina Chen is an active and respected educator in Oriental medicine and Chinese herbal medicine.  In addition to lecturing on TCM Gynecology and Cosmetology across North America through the widely-respected Lotus Institute of Integrative Medicine, Ms. Chen is active on the faculty of South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine and has been an active contributor to professional journals and publications.  She has served as Southern California Chair of the Education Committee for the California State Oriental Medical Association (CSOMA), and as an examiner for the California State License Exam for acupuncturists, and from 1996-2001 maintained private practice of acupuncture and herbal medicine through Chen's Clinic in La Puente, California. Her teaching and consulting is grounded in extensive post-graduate training in herbal medicine, TCM gynecology and cosmetology in numerous hospitals in mainland China.  This included concentrated training sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) in Guang-An-Men Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, in the People's Republic of China, specializing in internal medicine, acupuncture and gynecology; also intensive clinical training in internal medicine and gynecology at First Tien-Jin Hospital, People's Republic of China; and at An-Hui Hospital, People's Republic of China, advanced training in internal medicine. Tina Chen's expertise in translation includes serving as translation specialist for the International Association of Integrating East-West Medicine from 1996-2000, the 1996 Third Annual International Acupuncture and Massage Conference sponsored by the Acupuncture and Massage Institute of America, and the California State Association of Oriental Medicine (CSOMA) in 1990. Licensed by the Acupuncture Board in California, Tina Chen also holds certification from the World Health Organization in internal medicine and gynecology.  A graduate of South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine, she also earned a B.A. from the University of California at Irvine School of Humanities, in East Asian Language and Literature.  She maintains a consulting practice in Southern California.


Laraine Crampton, MPW, MATCM, LAc

Associate Editors
Colleen Burke, DOM, LAc
Vanessa G Au, LAc, DC

Contributing Editors
Christian DellaCorte, PhD
Joerg Fritschi, MD
Steve Given, LAc, Dipl Ac
Glenn Grossman, MS, LAc, Dipl Ac & CH
Steve Jarsky, LAc
Jing-Lih Lily Ko, LAc
Anita Chen Marshall, PharmD, MS, Dipl Ac, LAc
Cathy McNease, LAc, Dipl CH
Larry Miller, LAc
William R. Morris, DOM, LAc
Daoshing Ni, LAc, DOM, PhD
Ray Rubio, LAc

Copy Editors
Lily Huang, BS
Delicia Liu, BS
Minh Thanh Nguyen, BS, MA

Research Associates
Meng-Chau (Victor) Jang, LAc
Delicia Liu, BS

Peer Review Committee
Subhuti Dharmanada, PhD
Susan Diva, RN
Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc
David Karaba, LAc
Richard Ko, PharmD, PhD
Cheri Levine, LAc, RN, CEN
Frederick Obey, LAc
Kevin Park, PharmD
Eric Rhim, PharmD
Tierney Tully, MSOM, Dipl Ac
Roy Upton, Herbalist
Ronda Wimmer, LAc

Cover Design and Photography
Charles Funk

Text Herb Illustrations
Rick Friesen
Charles Funk

Tu Chin-Sheng

Richard Kearns
Nina Luu

Legal Advisor
Eric K. Chen, PhD, OMD, LAc, JD

James Chi-Wei Chen
Gil Cruz
David Fiden
Donna Greenberg
Steven Davis Kanovitz
Debbie Kim
Aram Nalbandyan
Sara Pettitt
Kiumars Pharrahpur
Sami Rank
Gail Ritzer
Maureen Santucci
Star Urmston
Nathalie Valkov
Shawn Welch
Dena Zachara

Chemical Structure Illustrations
Chemical structure diagrams were used with permission from:
The Merck Index 12th edition, Chapman & Hall/CRCnetBASE/Merck, 2000
Traditional Chinese Medicines Molecular Structures, Natural Sources and Applications; Yan X, Zhou J, Xie G, Ashgate, 1999; 2598

Herb Samples
Mayway Corp.
Sheng Foong Pharmaceutical Company
Robert Chu, LAc
South Baylo University Clinic

Contributing Authors:
Chang Jie-An, Director and Vice-President of Wuhan TCM Hospital, Wuhan, China
Chang Wei-Yen (Jimmy), Jian Tai Clinic, Hacienda Heights, CA, USA
Chen Ke-Fen, Professor of Tianjin TCM Hospital, Tianjin, China
Chen Shu-Sheng, Consultant for the First Tuberculosis Research Hospital of Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Chen Yuan-Da, Chen's Clinic, La Puente, CA, USA
Cheng Chun-Fu, Professor of Hubei TCM University, Hubei, China
Ding Guang-Di, Professor of Nanjing TCM University, Nanjing, China
Gan Zhu-Wang, Professor of TCM University of Nanjing, Director of Nanjing TCM Hospital, Nanjing, China
He Shi-Xi, Shanghai TCM Hospital, Shanghai, China
He Zi-Jun, Director of Hangzhou TCM Hospital, Hangzhou, China
Hu Qing-Shan, Heilongjiang TCM Hospital, Heilongjiang, China
Jang Meng-Chau, Rosemead, CA, USA
Jiao Shu-De, Profession of Beijing TCM University, Beijing, China
Li Shou-Shan, Consultant and Professor of TCM Hospital of Dalian, Dalian, China
Li Tong-Sheng, President of the Hubei TCM Research Center, Hubei, China
Li Zi-Zi, Director of TCM University in Gansu Province, Gansu, China
Liang, Sam, Golden Needle, El Toro, CA, USA
Liu Feng-Wu, Director of Gynecology Department Beijing TCM Hospital, Beijing, China
Liu Hong-Xiang, Director of Taian City Hospital, Weifang, China
Liu Shao-An, Director of Internal Medicine, People's First TCM Hospital of Guiyang, Guiyang, China
Liu Zhi-Tong, Tianjin Military Hospital, Tianjin, China
Long Pang-Chi, Professor of Shanghai TCM University, Director of Gynecology Department Shuguang Hospital, Shanghai, China
Shen Yen-Nan, Professor of Guangzhou TCM University, Guangzhou, China
Shu Run-San, Director of Gynecology Department, Beijing Sino-Japanese Hospital, Beijing, China
Tan Teh-Fu (Richard), San Diego, CA, USA
Tsai Wen-Qi, Alhambra, CA, USA
Wei Jia, Director of Jiangxi TCM Hospital, Professor of Jiangxi University of TCM, Jiangxi, China
Xu Fu-He, Professor of TCM University of Nanjing, Director of Nanjing TCM Hospital, Nanjing, China
Yin Hui-He, Director of Sino-Japanese Hospital of Beijing, Beijing, China
Zhang Xiao-Ping, Director of Anhui TCM Hospital, Professor of Anhui TCM University, Anhui, China
Zhang Xue-Wen, Director and Professor of Shanxi TCM University, Shanxi, China
Zhu Fang-Shou, Professor of Nanjing TCM Hospital and Director of Sujiang Province TCM Hospital, Sujiang, China
Zhu Lang-Chun, Director of Nantong TCM Hospital, Nantong, China
Zhu Shen-Yu, Director of TCM Department, TCM Science Hospital, Beijing, China

Extended Description 2

Main Description

This work is among the most comprehensive and authoritative texts on Chinese materia medica to have been published in English. Each of the 1,266 pages is typeset to deliver the maximum of information in a readable and easily-referenced format. Each of the 670 herbs discussed is treated as a single monograph that presents the nomenclature of the medicinal substance, the Chinese therapeutic actions, dosage, cautions and contraindications, chemical composition, pharmacological effect, clinical studies and research. There are references given for each herb and the author's often add clinically-useful comments. Also discussed are toxicology and herb-drug interactions. The latter subject is of considerable importance now that this topic is included in the California license board requirements. The black and white images that accompany each herb discussion also show the substance as professionally prepared for decoction and to scale.

The nomenclature includes both traditional and simplified characters for each substance, pinyin, alternate pinyin when applicable, common English name, both the botanical and pharmaceutical Latin names for each of the various applicable natural sources. Another excellent feature is the "Using this Book" chapter which details the intent and content of each section of the herbal information. The front matter is completed with a large section of color pictures for herb indentification. The images are of quality substances as they would be found in a professional pharmacy. There is also an overview section that covers the history, nomenclature, classification, growing and harvesting, preparation and processing, characteristics, clinical applications, and the simultaneous use of herbal and pharmaceutical medicines.

The remainder of the text is herb-by-herb monographs organized by function: 1. Exterior-Releasing Herbs 2. Heat-Clearing Herbs 3. Downward-Draining Herbs 4. Wind-Damp Dispelling Herbs 5. Aromatic Damp-Dissolving Herbs 6. Water-Regulating and Damp-Resolving Herbs 7. Interior-Warming Herbs 8. Qi-regulating Herbs 9. Digestive Herbs 10. Antiparasitic Herbs 11. Stop-Bleeding Herbs 12. Blood-Invigorating and Stasis-Relieving Herbs 13. Phlegm-Resolving and Coughing- and Wheezing-Relieving Herbs 14. Shen-Calming Herbs 15. Liver-Calming and Wind-Extinguishing Herbs 16. Orifice-Opening Herbs 17. Tonic Herbs 18. Astringent Herbs 19. Emetic Herbs 20. Substances for Topical Application.

The text concludes with ten appendices, contemporary and historical bibliographies, a glossary, author biographies and an index. The first five appendices are cross references by T.C.M. diagnoses, biomedical diagnoses, pharmacological effects, single names, and formula names. The last five appendices cover pregnancy-supporting medicinals, cautions and contraindications during pregnancy, dosing guidelines, weights and measures, and endangered species.

With contributions by more than fifty academic, clinical, research and regulatory professionals, "Chinese Medical Hebology and Pharmacology" sets a new standard for healthcare professionals, students, educators and researchers. John Chen draws upon his wealth of specialty post-graduate training and experience in herbology as applied in internal medicine in mainland China and on his doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Pharmacy and South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine. He maintains a consulting practice in Southern California. Tina Chen holds certification from the World Health Organization in internal medicine and gynecology. A graduate of South Baylo University of Oriental Medicine, she also earned a B.A. from the University of California at Irvine School of Humanities, in East Asian Language and Literature. She maintains a consulting practice in Southern California.