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Trade paperback book

312 pages

ISBN 9780936185767

SKU: ChiMedTea


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Chinese Medicinal Teas

Simple, Proven, Folk Formulas for Common Diseases & Promoting Health

By (author)  Xiao-Fan Zong
By (author)  Gary Liscum

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Trade paperback book | $24.95

This is one of our most popular layperson's books.

In Chinese Medicinal Teas, Zong Xiao-fan and Gary Liscum have created a compendium of simple, easy to make and take Chinese herbal remedies. Unlike Chinese medicinal decoctions with their dozens of exotic ingredients, long cooking time, and notoriously bitter taste, the folk recipes contained in this book mostly use only two, three, or four ingredients which only need to steep in boiling water. Many of these teas contain Camellia Thea or tea leaves, and many are sweetened with white or brown sugar or honey. The majority of ingredients in these teas are common foods or common herbs, while the remainder are easily ordered by mail.

These teas can be used as simple home remedies or as daily beverages extending and adding to the effectiveness of other medical therapies. There are teas for both remedial treatment of already occurring disease as well as teas for the prevention of disease and the promotion of health and long life. In addition, there are teas for beautification and to retard the effects of aging.

Chinese Medicinal Teas is meant for laypersons interested in experiencing the healing benefits of Chinese herbs and for professional acupuncturists and practitioners of Chinese medicine. It is a useful addition to anyone's library who is interested in Oriental methods of health and healing.

About the author's:

This husband-wife team is a unique combination of clinical experience and translation expertise. Gary is graduate of the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Santa Fe, NM. He has been in practice in Greeley, CO since 1983. Zong Xiao-fan graduated from the Second Foreign Languages College in Beijing where she specialized in English language translation. 

Praise for Chinese Medicinal Teas


"Chinese Medicinal Teas describes a variety of herbal teas for treating various conditions. This book is designed for anyone with a knowledge of TCM patterns analysis. For lay readers the authors suggest to match up not only the disease indications, such as headache or vomiting, but also the other symptoms which go along with the TCM pattern for which each tea is suggested.

The reader, after finding which tea fits his/her symptoms, simply follows the directions for making the herbal tea. The authors list the ingredients to use and give directions on how the tea should be made and administered. After each recipe, the authors indicate the function of the tea with relation to the organ [it treats].

For readers interested in buying the ingredients, there are addresses of herbal companies in the last section of the book. There is also a small discussion on how to tell whether the tea is working well or not. Finally, the bibliography contains references to books in Chinese and English."

-Bastyr University Library Letter, Fall 1997, p.6

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