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Published 2002-01-24

Trade paperback book

418 pages, 6.00 x 9.00"

ISBN 9780595219391



Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing

By (author)  Soon-Yeong Yap
By (author)  Chok Hiew

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Trade paperback book | $23.95
This work focuses on discovering and utilizing our inherent healing powers as a path to clarifying the true nature of healing and recovery. To be free of pain and suffering the body relaxes, achieves a healthy energy flow, is replaces mental conflict with peace and harmonious consciousness. The application of the energy consciousness approach of CFQ is achieved through seven specific qigong exercises that promote freeing the mind and healing the body. Part 1 provides the background and basics of energy healing, with chapters on qigong and energy medicine, consciousness energy connection, roots of disease, and the principles of CFQ healing. Part 2, Training in CFQ Healing Methods, elucidates dynamic qigong cleansing meridian-organ exercise, and the goals of CFQ energy meditation. Part 3, Healing Applications for Freedom from Disease, covers becoming a healer, CFQ for children, psychological disorders, healthy aging and rejuvenation, and the message of the Heart Sutra. Part 4 covers healing applications to attain recovery from life threatening disease, with specific focus on healing paralysis and injuries, cerebral stroke, reviving comatose patients, resilience to overcome cancer, and the path of healing and recovery.