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Trade paperback book

ISBN 9780977902682

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The 5 Transport Points

Clinical Applications and Personal Insights

By (author)  Wei Chieh Young

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Trade paperback book | $90.00

Dr Young Wei Chieh, author of the well-known Tung acupuncture books, brings students and practitioners a highly useful and clinically insightful text dealing with the five transport points, the special acupoints found on each of the twelve channels distal to the elbows or knees. Known as the jing-well points, ying-spring points, shu-stream points, jing-river points, and he-sea points, these five types of points all have spcial characteristics related to the five phases, and thus they are sometimes called the five phases points. The ancients used anaologies of these points to describe the movement and strength of qi and blood, and thus each of the points has a unique function.The chapter, "Nine Needles and Twelve Yuan-Source points" in the Ling Shu says: " the qi ascends and descends, it emerges at the jing-well points, flows at the ying-spring points, pours at the shu-stream points, moves at the jing-river points, and enters at the he-sea points. As the twenty-seven kinds of qi move, it is all done thus through the five transport points."

The text covers, in 26 chapters, their significance, characteristics, locations, tenets and principles, applications, treatments, point combination methods, restriction-based treatment methods, mother-child point selection, Yuan-source points, using transport points as local points, spatial correspondences, temporal correspondences, seasonal and hourly point selection, zi wu liu zhu closed/open points, visceral correspondences, qi affinity point selection, I Ching hexagram point selection, acupoint bleeding, taiji correspondences, connecting channel point selection, combinatory principles and methods, notes from Dr. Young's personal experience, and a synthesis of point applications.