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Chart, rolled

1 pages

ISBN 0-9524640-

SKU: GuiEneFooCha


Illustrations: Some

A guide to the Energetics of Food

Based on the traditions of Chinese Medicine

By (author)  Daverick Leggett

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Chart, rolled | $15.00

This full colour wallchart is the ideal companion to both Recipes for Self-Healing and Helping Ourselves. Attractively designed, fully laminated and easy to use, it enables you to find at a glance the energetic properties of about 300 common foods. For anyone wishing to apply the principles of food energetics in their own kitchen, The Energetics of Food wall chart is the perfect companion.

Foods are listed alphabetically in clear groupings such as Grains, Vegetables, Meat and Fish. Each food is described in terms of its flavour, temperature, route and action. This chart is designed for “western” cuisine: all foods are familiar and easy to find. All information is up to date and well researched making this an excellent resource for both practitioners and lay users.

Praise for A guide to the Energetics of Food


"A masterly condensation of information."

-Shiatsu Society News