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Hardcover book

224 pages

ISBN 9781848193291

SKU: KamCliGuiThePraSEC


With index
With bibliography

Kampo A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice SECOND ED.

By (author)  Keisetsu Otsuka
By (author)  Gretchen De Soriano

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Hardcover book | $49.95

Kampo, a traditional Japanese medical system derived from Classical Chinese Medicine, and comprising unique diagnostic methods, herbal formulas and therapeutic approaches, is made accessible to English-speaking practitioners through this definitive translation of Dr. Keisetsu Otsuka's classic work. This clinical handbook summarizes diagnostic theory and methodology then leads onto a section including 80 principle formulas followed by a therapeutic section organized according to allopathic definitions of disease. It follows a systems approach in internal medicine beginning with respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, moving through a comprehensive analysis of all the body systems.

Essential clinical information on how differential diagnosis and formula selection are achieved is outlined within the Kampo tradition. A comprehensive index of 120 major herbal formulas and 180 individual herbal ingredients is included, as is the translators' original glossary of terms, designed to clarify concepts of health and disease unique to Kampo and Japanese culture.