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Published 2004-01-01

Hardcover book

496 pages, 8.50 x 11.00"

ISBN 9780323026529

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With index
With bibliography
With photographs
Illustrations: Signficant

Pathology for Massage Therapists

By (author)  Susan Salvo

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Hardcover book | $53.95 $26.97
Because the average therapy session with a massage therapist is of considerably greater length than an average doctor's visit, the massage therapist may often be the first healthcare practitioner to assess a possible pathology and suggest a referral to a medical physician for further diagnosis and treatment.

This book is thus ideal for massage therapy students, because it helps you immediately determine when massage is safe, when it merits caution, or when it is contraindicated. It includes discussions of over 300 pathologies and conditions, organized by body system, that will help you adapt your massage technique to ease pain and discomfort, promote healing, and avoid treatment when necessary.

For each pathology, the foundational material is thoroughly covered, including system overview, general signs, comprehensive assessment guides, disease awareness, intake procedures and health assessments, consultations, risk factors, and infection control. Considerations for medical interventions including medications, catheters, pacemakers, colostomies, and defibrillators are highlighted. A color-coded warning level icon indicates the suggested cautionary degree advisable for each pathology, and helpful illustrations and full-color photographs abound. Additionally, there is an established website accessible to both instructors and students that includes a resource section and case studies helpful in gathering additional information and reinforcing your knowledge base.