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Trade paperback book

SKU: PsyRevThrIChi


Psyche Revealed Through the I Ching

By (author)  Carol Anthony
By (author)  Hanna Moog

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Trade paperback book | $24.95
This book offers a new understanding of the psyche that elaborates a Cosmic perspective concerning our true human potential. In their earlier work,  I Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way, the authors focused on the perspective of humans as part of the harmonious order of the Cosmos. Their new book explains how the psyche, as the invisible side of our being, enables each of us to fulfill our unique Cosmic destiny.

Seminal to the development of the authors' work and understanding is the realization that "change" is in actuality "transformation."  Transformations take place on the cellular level and are set in motion by consciousness when it is in harmony with the Cosmos. This is the Cosmic principle that applies to all life and enables its renewal. In their research and study over a period of 40 years,  the authors found that we can heal illness, resolve conflict, and abide in inner peace when we engage transformation. By contrast, the idea that life is governed by changes causes us to attempt to make things happen through mechanical means, or to settle for passive acceptance of adversity in the “ups and downs” of life.  Such an approach addresses the symptoms rather than the causes of dysfunction.  

The DNA embedded in every cell of our body contains everything we need to know to live our lives happily and joyfully. It provides us with the palpable knowledge of what it means to be in accord with Cosmic harmony. Our mental, emotional, and physical health is dependent on whether our thinking and our attitudes align with the Cosmic Principles of Harmony that are the basis of our very existence. Psychic malfunctions, such as depression, phobias, and stress, can occur when humans separate from the harmonious order of the Cosmos. They become lodged in a mindset that places human and self at the center of the universe. From this disharmonious perspective, conflict and shortage are presumed to be aspects of the natural order. Working with the I Ching as a meditative query oracle -- in effect, as a fully accessible sage -- unprocessed traumatic experiences, negative emotions projected from others, or even limiting thoughts long embedded in our subconscious can be brought to light and resolved. Readers learn to recognize the total goodness of their true nature, attain clarity concerning the specific ideas that bring them illness or harm, and release these from our being with the help of the Sage.

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