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Published 2004

Trade paperback book

470 pages

ISBN 9780936185293

SKU: SysClaAcuMox


With index

Systematic Classic of Acupuncture & Moxibustion

By (author)  Huang-Fu Mi
By (author)  Shou-Zhong Yang

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Trade paperback book | $69.95
This book has been a huge expenditure in time, money, and resources. Nevertheless, we believe this expenditure has been worthwhile. If Westerners are interested in the Nei Jing, then they need to know that the Nei Jing we have today is reconstructed from the Jia Yi Jing. In addition, because of its systematic presentation, the Jia Yi Jing is actually much easier to read and use than the Nei Jing.

REVIEW: Oriental Medicine: "As this translation demonstrates, Huang-fu Mi still has much to teach us."

Journal of Chinese Medicine (UK):"This translation took four years and is a stunning accomplishment to a layman who has only a jaw-dropping appreciation of the difficulties of translating classical Chinese. The translation relies primarily on Wiseman's glossary of Chinese medical terms, with some departures. This seems to work quite successfully... I hope every college library will buy one or more copies..."

Shiatsu School of Canada Alumni Guild Newsletter, November, 1994, p. 9: "This book is a major work and must be considered as a classic of acupuncture requiring serious study and integration. Clinical application based on classical principles raises the level of sophistication of practice as well as providing a framework for progress and advancement to the highest level... The translation of this text is lavishly embellished by numerous footnotes by the translators, both elaborating on elements discussed in the main body (of the text) as well as for the purpose of clarifying ambiguities from intention in the core text... The index of this book provides a great assistance in referencing and relating clinical conditions and their discussion in the 12 books of this classic."

Extended Description 2

Huang-fu Mi was a late Han dynasty scholar who took up the study of medicine to help heal his mother and later the study of acupuncture to treat his own paralysis. Claimed by both Confucianists and Daoists alike, Huang-fu Mi systematized the Nei Jing so that it could actually be used as a foundation for study and clinical practice.

Main Description

This work is a translation of the Jia Yi Jing, the first textbook of the art of acupuncture, dating from the third century Jin dynasty. Written by Huang-fu Mi, this work is considered one of the four great classics of Chinese acupuncture. It is composed of excerpts from the Su Wen, Ling Shu, Nan Jing, and other no longer extant Chinese medical classics, all arranged according to topic in a systematic, step-by-step manner and held together by Huang-fu Mi's comments based on his clinical experience. According to Professor Han Bing of the Tianjin College of TCM, this book is "the cornerstone of the art and science of acumoxa therapy, and no work has ever surpassed it in clinical or theoretical value."