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Published 2000

Trade paperback book

192 pages

ISBN 9780717128709

SKU: TakFivFivEleGui


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Take Five the Five Elements Guide to Health & Harmony

By (author)  Pamela Ferguson

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Trade paperback book | $19.95

Written by an internationally recognized instructor of zen shiatsu, this text has been expressly developed to provide information that a student would need to understand and appreciate the five-phase model of diagnostic patterning that is a part of the tradition of East Asian medicine. It introduces the complex interactions of yin and yang and the five phases and describes how they are mirrored in seasonal cycles, moods, smells, foods, colors, and body organs and anatomy, doing so in a highly readable and inviting manner. Spiked with case studies, eye-catching diagrams, fun cartoons, and colorful photos, it offers a fresh, visual entry to understanding and using five elements in all aspects of daily life.

Take Five helps you tap the roots of an ancient diagnostic system of medical philosophy known as the Law of Five Elements, based on Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and their respective seasons Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn and Winter. The system gives a view of the human being as a microcosm of the universe and is at the heart of our Western training in different forms of Asian medicine.

Take Five shows us how to use the links between the seasonal cycles and our body, moods, foods, colours, imagery, idioms, rituals and much more. It offers deep insights into ways of harmonising our meridian imbalances when our ki (energy that makes us tick) is congested or sluggish, especially in a polluted world. You do not need a deep knowledge of Asian medicine to enjoy Take Five. Much of the advice will strike familiar chords, allowing you to apply this system to yourself or your family for ongoing good health.

The Author:

Pamela Ferguson is an international instructor of Zen Shiatsu. She has helped develop shiatsu training in North America, Germany, Switzerland over the last decade and has pioneered shiatsu teaching in a number of hospital sand schools of nursing and physiotherapy. A former London (Fleet Street) journalist, she has written seven books , her last being The Self-Shiatsu Handbook: easy techniques for drug-free pain relief and to improve your own well-being. 

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