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Published 2006-01-01

Hardcover book

158 pages, 5.50 x 8.50"

ISBN 9787117080194

SKU: TonDiaWarDis


With index
color plates throughout

Tongue Diagnosis for Warm Diseases

By (author)  Zhang Zhi-wen
By (author)  Liu Bi-qing

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Hardcover book | $29.95

This pocked-sized tome presents 147 color spreads, often with multiple photographs taken of patients in Chinese hospitals. Each illustrates a tongue condition and each condition is described in terms of the observable feature of the tongue, the associated indications, and the formula used in treatment. The formulas are listed by English and Pinyin, and the index contains the contents of each formula in Pinyin and Latin. The formulas do not contain doses or administration instructions but may be found in many formula texts.

The conditions are organized by the tongue qualities: White Tongue Coating, Yellow Tongue Coating, Grey Tongue Coating, Black Tongue Coating, Red Tongue Body, Crimson Tongue Body, Purple Tongue Body, Tongue Sores, and Whitish Tongue.

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