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Chart, rolled

SKU: TunExtAcuChaSET


Tung's Ext Acupoints Chart SET (2) SECOND ED.

By (author)  David Koppensteiner

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Chart, rolled | $74.95
These 2 full color charts list all points contained in Master Tung's original book translated into English by Dr. Palden Carson. (Other sources include Dr. Wei-Chieh Young.) The charts also cover the traditional 365+ points, so the relative location of Tung's points can be used for easier point location. This offers interesting clues to point indications. Full color mapping of the reflex areas/nerves makes this information readily usable. Points are identified by number, Pin Yin, and English names. Chart 1 depitcts the hands, the ear, the sole of the foot, and a lateral view of the body. Chart 2 includes frontal and dorsal aspects, as well as an amplified mapping that shows the back area with colors according to zang fu relationships. Available as oversize wall charts, 26" x 38".