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Published 2009-01-01

Hardcover book

726 pages, 7.50 x 10.50"

ISBN 9787117114059

SKU: UndJinGuiYaoLue


With index

Understanding the Jin Gui Yao Lue

By (author)  Sung Yuk-Ming

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Hardcover book | $89.95
This is a practical textbook written for English-speaking students and practitioners wishing to gain access to and an understanding of Zhang Zhong-Jing's classical work. The Jin Gui is an important classical text and a core subject in advanced degree programs. This work contains the entire Song Dynasty text (in modern simplified characters) as well as critical study and clinical reference materials and many individual formula and case study presentations.  Not only do the format and contents exactly correspond to China's national Jin Gui Yao Lue curriculum requirements, difficult points are fully discussed and commentary is elaborated. Each chapter includes summary tables devised by the author that specify pathomechanisms, patterns, essential signs and symptoms, key principles of treatment, and formula names associated with each condition. Most major passages of the original text also provide selected formulas and guidelines for clinical usage. Current pharmaceutical research and laboratory results are noted.

Where applicable, foundational quotations from the Huang Di Nei Jing and the Nan Jing, as well as selected relevant commentaries, are included. Nearly 50 carefully selected case studies, chosen for clinical relevance, are also contributed. The appendix includes a table of measurements for conversion of weight and volume units, with historical equivalents of solids, liquids, lengths, and other ancient measuring devices referred to in the original work.

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