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Hardcover book

476 pages

ISBN 9780443050060

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With index
With appendix

Acupuncture Point Combinations, Key to Clinical Success

By (author)  Jeremy Ross

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Hardcover book | $158.00

In the foreword, Dr. Dan Bensky aptly describes this book as "an extensive, but personal integration of many strands of medicine" drawing upon the extensive study, practice and teaching of the author. Numerous and sundry constellations of points are discussed from many different angles so that practitioners of varying degrees of experience and understanding can utilize them effectively.

The accurate and effective combination of acupuncture points is often crucial for successful treatment. This book cuts through the confusion and difficulty which can be involved in choosing appropriate points, and give thorough guidance on the principles and practice of acupuncture point combination. Designed for clear and easy access, this book shows how to achieve a balanced choice of points for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, by describing:

  • Theoretical principles of point combinations according to, for example, origins of disease, energy centres, personality types, types of points, five element treatment and the eight extra channels.

  • Point combinations for the main acupuncture points, given in clear, short lists and summary tables, easy to use in the clinic.

  • Point combinations for diseases related to respiratory, locomotory, digestive, urinary, male sexual, obstetrics and gynaecology, eye, ear and face, skin and psychological syndromes.

  • Indexes which give quick-access reference by point, channel, and disease syndrome name.

Aimed at all students and practitioners who use acupuncture techniques, this text will:

  • Expand a practitioner's range of treatment options.

  • Enhance basic treatment approaches in clinical situations

  • provide a clear, single source for improving practice.


About the Author:

Jeremy Ross, D.A., C.Ac., BSc, CEd. MNIMH, TCM doctor, Swedish Institute for Alternative Medicine, Stckholm, Sweden. Acupuncturist in private practice, Seattle, Washington, USA.